Aware Company Portfolio


This ARTWORK was a challenge that we accepted with pleasure.

The aim is to sensitize each observer about the waste of water daily.

To not fall into the “trivial” and show photos, incredibly poignant depicting children suffering thirst and hunger, we decided to treat the subject with a more modern and less raw communication, so as to be able to reach even the most sensitive people or those too young to understand the real suffering that generate waste.

We decided to provoke the user with two contrasting images but incredibly linked together: The first sees the map of Africa represented with legumes and seeds of all types (which are all raw materials that Africa could offer) with a slogan which reads:

“Food is the problem”, because the cultivation and the self-support problem of the ancient continent is directly linked to the lack of water.

The second image shows the same map, but instead legumes and various seeds there is a bottle crumpled, empty, with a slogan which reads “Water is the answer”.

This is to make people understand that if all together decide to fill that bottle we could really help sufferers, not only to obtain potable water but, consequently to generate a system of cultivation, satisfy the daily request of food and help a whole continent to internationalize and to confront the world markets. By generating welfare for the inhabitants.

17 aprile 2016