Aware Company Portfolio


This is a small example of the graphics process that we can achieve by combining tradition, territory and aesthetic so as to give sales resources to a product already excellent.

In this project we have tried to accomplish all that wine represents. The graphic choices are addressed to create a label in “antique” style with a modern taste and a high quality finishing. As a first characteristic element we chose the Drop Cap, It has always been used by the amanuensis monks for embellishing the scriptures. As second element there is a italicized font, which makes the most classical composition and at the same time it follows the modern trend to resume calligraphic styles that were recently abandoned in favor of simpler fonts, which often simplify the understanding, but cancel the emotional side. 

02-nero (1)

As third element there is the “Trinacria” that immediately identifies the geographical location of production.

As fourth element there are leaves of acanthus that printed in “UV”, contributing to raise the perception of the product itself, giving an elegant detail.

23 aprile 2016